Rock House Music School

Performance-Based Music Education for All Ages
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Fiddle

Let's Play!
Our mission is to build community through music.  

Music is played together. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new student our goal is to get you playing with other musicians and having fun!

This is why each Rock House has its own stage for performances, rehearsals and band practice. This allows our students to perform more than any other school.

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Music School
Lesson and Performance Programs

Our programs help students discover a passion for music. We begin the musical journey by helping students identify the music they love and want to learn. We know that students are more likely to practice and engage when they are playing music they love. 

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    Intro to Music  Ages 5-9

    This is a 30 minute group class for beginners. In this class we encourage students to try a variety of instruments and musical styles. Our goal is to pair a student with an instrument and help them discover the music they want to learn.

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    Soloist Ages 7 and up

    This is for students who have some musical experience but aren't quite ready for the stage. This is a weekly 30 minute private lesson with a professional musician. Once a student is able to play 3 complete songs they are eligible to try a band practice.  

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    Rock Star Ages 8 and up

    This is for students ready to rock! This program provides a 30 mintue private lesson and a 60 minute band practice with a professional musican. Students will particpate in montly performances at Rock House. Students will also perform at live music venues as well.

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